Champion Racing Pigeon, "AIR BISCUIT"

"Air Biscuit"

Air Biscuit

Joel Alvarez wins 1st 240 and 300 mile YB pigeon Races!  AirBiscuit Super Eye
Cross: Tournier Janssen Meuleman Roodhoft

Parents: "ALVA" X "The Windsor Hen".

"Air Biscuit" scored:
1st club, 1st combine @ 240 miles
1st club, 1st combine @ 300 miles
4th club, 5th combine @ 240 miles
10th club, 15th combine @ 200 miles.
He was consistent and reliable each weekend!

He is very handsome, has more of an apple shaped
body, medium to long wing, and just a beautiful blue bar.

His NestMate, "Andre 3000", won 3rd @ 150 miles and 2nd @ 200 miles,
winning over $3000 in the Lou McElroy One Loft Race Series.

Click Here for "Air Biscuit's" Pedigree!

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