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"ALVA 270"

Cross: Tournier Janssen
"ALVA" is our Top Stock Cock.
He is A Super Breeder!!! A 10+ Motor!!!

"270" is proportioned perfectly and feels strong in the hand.
He is very calm when handled, but very
aggressive and possessive of his space in the loft.
His wings are long and rounded at the ends (not pointy like scissors).
He is a very handsome cock bird and breeds extremely well!
I have great confidence in sending his young to any money race in the country!

"270" has bred:

Missouri/ Illinois Combine
1st club, 1st combine @ 240 Miles
1st club, 1st combine @ 300 Miles
3rd club, 3rd combine @ 250 Miles
4th club, 5th combine @ 240 Miles
10th club, 15th combine @ 200 Miles("Air Biscuit")
10th club, 15th combine @ 200 Miles ("ALVA 86")

2006 Race
"Vegas 3 G's" - 18th, Equal 2nd @ 300 Miles vs. 426 birds!
Also, Siblings were:
12th, Equal 1st @ 200 Miles
29th, Equal 1st @ 120 Miles
Total Prize + Pools: $3900

2005 Lou McElroy One Loft Race
3rd place, Equal 1st @ 150 miles vs 168 pigeons
2nd place, Equal 1st @ 200 miles vs 131 pigeons
Total Prize: $3000

Children we are breeding from:
"Air Biscuit",   "Andre 3000",   "414",   "ALVA 86" (SOLD),   "ALVA Girl"

"ALVA 270" is mated to the "Windsor Hen" and "Victory's Blue Beauty".

Children: $600.00 (If Available)   Grand Children: $250.00   Send E-Mail

Click Here for "ALVA 270's" Pedigree

270's Eye

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