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"Windsor Hen"

Cross: Tournier Janssen Meuleman
The "Windsor Hen" is our Top Stock Hen.
She is a Super Breeder!!!
She's built strong like a cock bird, has a
super wing, and lays the biggest eggs in the loft!
She breeds beautiful, strong, tough
and intelligent young that I have 100% confidence in
sending to any money race; they win prizes coast to coast.

"Windsor Hen" has bred:

Missouri/ Illinois Combine
1st club, 1st combine @ 240 Miles
1st club, 1st combine @ 300 Miles
3rd club, 3rd combine @ 250 Miles
4th club, 5th combine @ 240 Miles
10th club, 15th combine @ 200 Miles("Air Biscuit")
10th club, 15th combine @ 200 Miles ("ALVA 86")

2006 Race
"Vegas 3 G's" - 18th, Equal 2nd @ 300 Miles vs. 426 birds!
Also, Siblings were:
12th, Equal 1st @ 200 Miles
29th, Equal 1st @ 120 Miles
Total Prize + Pools: $3900

2005 Lou McElroy One Loft Race
3rd place, Equal 1st @ 150 miles vs 168 pigeons
2nd place, Equal 1st @ 200 miles vs 131 pigeons
Total Prize: $3000

Children we are breeding from:
"Air Biscuit",   "Andre 3000",   "414",   "ALVA 86" (SOLD),   "ALVA Girl"

The "Windsor Hen"" is mated to "ALVA 270"

Children: $600.00 (If Available)   Grand Children: $250.00   Send E-Mail

Click Here for "Windsor Hen's" Pedigree

Windsor's Eye

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